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Semiconductor and manufacturing companies often deal with mismanage item inventory or loss of rental tools. Although it might not be noticeable at first, it can create a big impact on the business. In order to resolve such problems head on, getting a trusted MRO vending machine would be a necessary step.

VMSM is a leading vending solutions company in Malaysia that offers top-notch retailing machines for businesses and industry sectors. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality service and equipment so they can move their business forward and also keep tabs on their inventory.

Superior Range of MRO Vending Machines in Malaysia

Managing a whole production team is a demanding task, much more keep an eye on items and parts. The best way to ensure that materials are distributed evenly is to use an industrial vending machine that would dispense items to the right people with the right amount.

Our MRO vending machines are equipped with customised dispensing system that allows managers to keep track of the number of items being pulled out on specific duration and time stamp and also track the people who are responsible for pulling it out these items. We also offer tool rental vending machine units for your company tools and equipment.

Excellent Vending Solutions in Malaysia

We are not just your vending machine supplier, we are also your partner. We ensure that you will be able to manage your trade and operations through our equipment and services. We offer the highest quality of vending machines that match your business requirements.

And we don’t just offer limited kinds of retailing equipment. We invest in different kinds of vending machines – from food vending machines to smart vending machines – that would be perfect for your business.

Manage your tool and items wisely!

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